First of all, thank you Priya from for tagging me! (Check her out if you haven't!)

First, you must acknowledge the person who tagged you.
Second, you tell your 3 favorite movies, 3 random things about your favorite movies, and 1 thing you like to do while watching movies.

My three favorites movie are...
1. Because of Winn Dixie
2. The Christmas Bunny
3. The Legend of the Guardians

Random things about those movies:
1. It's also my favorite book and I have a dog, too! And it's soo.... cute and it has my favorite actor in it!
2. I have bunnies as well! I can defiantly relate to the bunny part.
3. I watched this movie three days in a row and my sister thought I had issues or something.

So that's it! I tag... Charlotte (typing that right?) from and Alyssa from and Aeldancesing23 (my sister!) from



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