Hi everybody :)
First of all, I did a really bad AGSM (American Girl Stop motion) and it's pretty bad, but it's one minute and eleven seconds long, and I was wondering if you guys would like to see it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't upload it anyway Lol :P

And also... I have a Feis (Irish dance competition) tomorrow, and we're driving to Chicago soon, so I will not be doing post or approving comments, but I'll be back late tomorrow :)
I decided at this Feis not to do Treble Reel or Garden of Daisies, so that will get me home a tad quicker hah:)

So I'm going to get packed, and I'll see you guys late Monday or Tuesday!

What are your guy's plans for memorial day? Are you going to a picnic?
Have an awesome Memorial day!
PS: Me and my sister (aeldancesing23 on YouTube) made dog cookies yesterday, in honor of our dog's homecoming!
They're Apple and Blueberry, and we got fun dog related cookie cutters at our local pet store, so the cookies are just awesome! My dog is crazy for them! Yesterday, he sat in front of the counter where they were and cried forever! Then I moved them into the microwave and he just lied down, and stared at the microwave! Hah :)

And me and my sister have made dog cookies before... Before we made oatmeal and soybutter dog cookies! (I'm allergic to peanuts)



06/01/2012 6:09am

AWESOME POST!!! At least I think so....

06/02/2012 5:11pm

Thanks, hehe :)

06/07/2012 5:34am

I will just tell you when you need a new post..... YOU NEED A NEW POST!

06/12/2012 7:38pm

Haha, I agree! :P I'll defiantly have one tomorrow though... I have to wright 200 pages about rats though, and I'm really concentrating on that, but I've had this one post planned for a while now, and I'll have it up tomorrow :)

06/08/2012 2:32pm

Cool! I would love to see your AGSM! Did you see my audition for SevenTwinklingAgs?

06/12/2012 7:39pm

I haven't been on YouTube for a while, but I'm checkin' that right now :)


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