Sorry for the lack of post lately and not approving comments... I was... Well, lazy.
But now I have a question for you all... Which doll do YOU want next?

Here is Rebecca Rubin... My gosh, this doll REALLY appeals to me. I love her so much. Online it does no good for her.
But in person... GORGEOUS! I saw her at the Mall of America in February.
Marie-Grace Gardener is so cute! Although, I am not a fan of her meet outfit, I still want her!
I'd just change her right away :) I like all of her outfits so I'd just put her in one of those.
Here is Cecile Rey! Isn't this doll amazing?! I think online it doesn't do too much good for her, like Rebecca, but in person, she is absolutely amazing! That blue on her... It's so pretty! I need her!
Plus I don't have any black dolls yet! :(
Like I'm keep saying, to me, this doll does not look as good online. But in person this doll is simply amazing!
Those eyes... I can't stop looking at those eyes... That hair... That beautiful hair...
Yes, I love EVERYTHING about her! I would probably name her Georgia.
If I did that, both of my JLY's would have names of states! Lol! That would be fun though.

So that's it... Which doll do you want next? And which doll of these is your favorite?
I am excited cause I will be at the Mall of America in October for my birthday and I'll get one!
I can't wait!

And by the way... I am not going to ask which doll to get. And I mixed these up... I didn't have my favorites at the top and my least favorites at the bottom... I mixed them up to confuse you all! :)



03/27/2012 12:59pm

I don't really want a new doll since five is a lot, but I would have to say MAG #47. I like Rebecca best out of the ones you listed. Thats so exciting you're getting a new doll, too! :D

03/29/2012 2:31pm

If I could have any dolls (historical or girl of the year), I would get Lanie, Mia, Cecile, Kaley, Rebecca, Nellie, and Elizabeth. I know that's a lot, but let's just say they're the ones I like.

03/29/2012 5:15pm

I want all of the ones that you listed, too! Thankfully I already have Elizabeth and Lanie. My sister has Nellie and she is AMAZING. I play with her hair sometimes. My sis said she might give her to me like, in the next few years cause she's gonna sell her dolls! :(

04/01/2012 12:34pm

I am saving up for McKenna right now. It was 'love at first sight' as they say. I like all the dolls you put up but my favorite is probably the MAG. She is really cute. Anyways hey MissCpFreaks!


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