Have you heard? The creators of "Despicable Me" are making a new movie called The Lorax which will be in theaters this Friday! As a big Dr. Seuss fan, this is just a must see for me! Hehe, the last two nights I've been reading the Lorax and other Dr. Seuss goodies! 
After watching the trailer, does it give you a big "WOW."?!?!
It sure does for me! ;)
I'll most likely be seeing it this weekend while I proudly wear my Lorax shirt that says,
'Please recycle'
And it also has a picture of a cute Lorax on it ;)

What do you think? Will this be good? I'd bring my dolls if I could, but when we travel,
it's hard enough packing food and stuff because I have food allergies and yeah.
FYI, I am going to see this when I visit my Grandma this week!
(She needs TONS of support right now cause her husband died at the end of January).
So I'll be up there and I might do a photo shoot of Elizabeth tomorrow, but we might get a snow storm so I might wait until Thursday. But Wednesday is a day off for me (no activities besides schoolwork) so basically I could post a photo story on here... Or a new video! So be expecting something ;)

Good Night!


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