Before I go to my Grandma's, which is a three hour drive, I need to tell you all something...
First of all, I am SO sorry for not posting. I've been super busy with dance and getting ready for Easter!

So I need to warn you guys... I will only be able to approve comments off of my HP Touchpad.
Sorry! It's hard to post off of a touchscreen.

But I'll bring me and my sister's camera, and I'll take pictures and share them with you after Easter cause my Grandma doesn't have a computer.

I'll be back late of Easter Sunday. And my dog's birthday and my Youtube's anniversary is on Monday which is really awesome. And I will be back with a one year YouTube Anniversary post and a little Easter post ;)

Thanks for understanding,


04/20/2012 9:00am

Hey, where have you been? I have been looking for you on Liz's site and here but no comments or posts. Where are you!

04/22/2012 9:30am

Okay, I am positive you are mad at me. What is wrong?!


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