Okay, first off, please do NOT yell at me if my thoughts about this are different from yours. You don't need to yell. Last time I shared my thought's about Addy, everybody (besides Meg ;) ) yelled!

Anyways, just a few of my favorites...
Alright, I love this to death! Too cute all around! Knee pads, hair elastics, everything... The only problem is tennis shoes are hard to get on doll, but just play around with them, and eventually they will be flexible.
So cute! Even though I don't have hearing aids, I feel like I really need this! So cute! And it's removable! For $14 dollars, I think that's a deal.
Alright, they do look a little freaky, must admit, but for girls with cancer, this is a must have! Hopefully they make more bald dolls soon, cause I would love to customize one.
Alright, I love this! To me, there is nothing wrong about this. So adorable!
I love this! Love. Love. Love. But for a friendship bracelet, team jacket, shoes and a gold medal, is $24 dollars really worth it? And besides, should you be wearing a friendship bracelet in competition? If I did wore my too beloved bracelets at a Feis (Irish dance competition) I would get yelled at!
So adorable! I think this might be hard to put on, and she does not want to do rheumatic gymnastics, Toulane wants to! Not great, but adorable, and love the hair style!

Cute, but I think I could easily make this. I love this though!

And of course, my least favorites...
Alright, very adorable, but... Okay, the shirt: Love it! Looks easy to put on, too. Vest: Looks fairly hard to put on. Jeans: It wrecks your dolls vinyl! That's why a bunch of Marisol's have scratches on their limbs! Shoes: Cute, but look like plastic, and don't match outfit.
 I love the colors gray and black, but dislike the outfit... It's all wrong! I think they tried to do something as popular as the safari sundress was, but failed. Shoes are plastic, and print is wrong... Not a buy for me!
Okay, I don't quite know why I don't like this... Epi Pen is cute and all, but first off, how they did the bracelet is NOT  realistic, and just because you have food allergies doesn't mean you eat healthy! Lol, I know, that sounds really wrong, but it's the truth.
Alright... I don't like how the dress is all scrunched and wrinkled in areas, and how there is a lonely little butterfly in the corner. The boots don't match the outfit, and the headband is too much of a hot pink to match the outfit.
The new meet outfit is gross! Seriously, gray, pink, and tan. Plus the boots have a little clover or something on them. For mix and match purposes, this might be nice, but really, this is gross!
I have the old Licorice, and love her, but this one... May I have a doggie bag to throw up in? It's gross! It's scronny, fuzzy, and all around strange! The old one is a ton better...

Oh well, these are just my opinions, but maybe yours are different ;) And I would've posted this earlier, but I was camping (with no WiFi) and couldn't check it out until now.



06/29/2012 7:42pm

I am really sorry about yelling Misscpfreaks, I just got caught up in my feelings. I didn't mean it. Well here are my thoughts on the new releases: Volley ball outfit: I totally agree! It's adollable! Hearing aid: I think it's pretty cute, But they have to drill a permanet hole behind her ear and I'm not sure I would like that. Dolls without hair: Adollable! I don't think they look creepy at all, but that's okay,because,as I have learned, That's only my opinion. Dog service set: So cute! I totally agree! Nothing wrong here! Mckenna's practice set: Cute, but WAY overpriced. Plus, I think I could make all of that Rhuemetic gymnastics: Can you say overpriced? It's cute, but again, I think I could make it all. Halloween outfit: I think this is adollable! So cute! I don't think I could make this, But if you did, I'd happily purchase! Weekend fun outfit: I love everything about this exept for the shoes. They don't match at all. Sweet savanna dress: I actually really like this, exept for the shoes. Allergy food set: I love this! So cute! But I agree with you about how unrealistic the braclet is! Butterfly dress? : I'm not big on this either. MAG meet outfit: This is just disapointing. The old one was so much better. Licorice: ewww!!! They mutated Licorice!


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