I didn't really have anything better to really post on her, besides Kirsten's Sunny Spring Photoshoot, which you can check out, so, since it's rainy, I took some pics of my wrist with the splint on it :)
Here it is, aren't I rocking in style or what?! Lol
This is the bran... Futuro Sport :)
And here it is from the back! :) My shirt just goes there by it's own by the way, it can't go over the splint :)
And this is what my dog, Boone, thinks of it! Sorry the photo is blurry, he was attacking me :P
So that's it! Wonder how I did it? I was messing around with my sister, and I was going in a circle, and I fell over my own feet, and caught myself with my wrist.

Got a story of maybe, breaking your arm, spraining your wrist, spraining your ankle, etc... Tell me! :)



04/28/2012 3:47pm

I sprained my ankle getting into the trampoline while my dad and brother where jumping. How smart. :) I have other stories if you want to hear them!

06/29/2012 7:46pm

In ballet I did this really awkward jump out of excitment for our recital and sprained my ankle


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