Alright, first off, SO sorry for not posting lately! I thought I could do a post on Thursday, but it got way too busy, with dance, llamas, going grocery shopping, etc. And on Friday, I was going to Chicago for a dance competition. My results weren't great, but the competition was HUGE, and you couldn't even hear the music, cause all the stages were so close to each other, and one had a loud accordion, and the rest of them had violins, and none of us could hear the music. In Slip Jig, the music was WAY too fast, and in Treble Jig the music was WAY  too slow!

Then I thought I could do a Father's day post, but really, the dolls don't really have "father's" at all! So that kinda wrecked that idea. I should do a custom boy doll, shouldn't I?

But anyway, let's just get on with the post now, shall we? ;)

First of, take some brown polymer clay, roll it uneven, and bake it in the oven (not the microwave) for five minutes on 275.
Now once it is room temperature, (if your impatient like me, just stick in the freezer for two minutes) cut it unevenly to make the chips!
Take a ball of tan colored polymer clay, indent it with your thumb, and put the chips inside, then fold it back up.
Play with it for a while, until you're starting to get something like this!
Then get it into a cookie shape. Chocolate chip cookies were actually made by mistake, so don't try to make it perfect :)
Take chalk pastels (or Crayola chalk works fine, too) and take a knife and get some on your plate, then take a brush and dust the cookie with it to make it look "baked".
Then texture it with a ball of foil (or a toothbrush) until you like the texture. Then bake on 275 for 15 minutes (not in the microwave) and let cool, then gloss with Sculpey gloss.
Lanie loves them, and I hope your dolls do, too!

Tell me how they worked out for you :)


06/29/2012 7:43pm

How cute!

07/12/2012 8:38am

Cute! :)
Did you think of this yourself?


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