Hello, everybody!
You might find the title a little confusing... Or not... Doesn't matter, but I might get a new doll outfit soon!
Or something else ;)
And I need your help! I just can't pick! They're all too cool!
This is the Petals & Posies outfit, which is a new release from American Girl.
It is $28 dollars, which to me is a fairly good price considering American Girl's price craziness lately!
Here is McKenna Brooks in her School outfit, which is also $28 dollars.
Doesn't she look too cute?! I think Kirsten would look nice in this!
I actually forget that I have her a lot. Haha, you guys probably think I'm stupid now.
Here is the Basketball outfit which is $34 dollars.
I have been in basketball for 2 years and when I first saw this I needed it!
Ha, I have wanted this from when it first came out.

This is the Great Outdoors Tent which is $75 dollars.
I think this is really cute and very realistic!
Here is Marie-Grace's Limited Addition Summer outfit which is $36 dollars.
It is a limited addition item, and I do plan on getting her sometime, so I might have to!
Here is the Pretty & Plaid outfit which is $30 dollars.
I think this is very cute, but not sure if this is what I want.
Here is the Ruffled Hoodie outfit which is $30 dollars as well.
I think this is super cute, and would be great for any season!
 Here is the Tankini and Sarong which is $28 dollars.
I think this is very cute, but not sure if I want it cause I think I could make this!
Here is the Sports Top and Brief set.
This is hilarious! Isn't it?! It is $10 dollars.
Here is the Beach Sunglasses.
I think this is so cute, and it is $8 dollars.
Here is the Go Girl sunglasses which is also $8 dollars.
I think this is super cute also!

And that is it. I am getting at least one of these, and when I get one of them, I'll defiantly do a post!
So, which one do you think I should get? It can be any of these or something else you think my dolls would look cute in!



04/11/2012 6:48am

Hey! I think you should get Marie-Grace's dress, since it is limited time only. I also like the go-girl glasses and McKenna's school outfit, mainly because I JUST BOUGHT MCKENNA!! And yeah, I think I would too be able to make the tankini and sarong. And if you want me to be truthful, with the right instructions you probably could make the tent too, though I love it too!

04/11/2012 9:27am

If I had her I'd play with her hair for HOURS. I love it so much!

And your right about the tent... That is such a great idea! With wooden dowls and fabric... I could spend hardly anything for a great tent :) I'll defiantly have to make some time to do that soon!

04/12/2012 3:54pm

Thanks! All I did all day was play with her and that awesome hair! Oh, if you make the tent, post instructions to make lots of peoples lives easier. Just a question, you don't really have to tell me but... how old are you? I am 12 and I was born 1999 NOT 2000. Everyone thinks I am cause most 12 year olds are. Bye! Meg.

04/15/2012 9:13am

Hey, you don't have to tell me how old you are. Still friends? Where can we talk on Liz's site?
Hope I haven't hurt you,

04/15/2012 9:51am

Oh my gosh, so sorry for not replying. We are defiantly still friends :D
And we can talk on Liz's site.
AND you have defiantly not hurt me at all. Why didn't I reply? No clue :P

04/15/2012 12:05pm

Thanks, what a relief! I replied to you on Liz's site. :P

04/17/2012 6:42am

:) Alright.

06/13/2012 7:40am

Luckily I have a book that has some stuff in it. I'm checking.
I found something!

U should get the pretty party outfit for $28.

If u don't got that outfit.


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