Ellowyne Wilde... My gosh, they are amazing!

This has to be my absolute favorite... She does kinda look like me, straight red hair, aqua eyes... OK, I don't have aqua eyes, they're kinda like a green/blue... Kinda hard to explain. You'd have to see them to get it, but unfortunately I can't show my face on YouTube! Anyhow, isn't she GORGEOUS? 

So, what do you think of these dolls? I think if she ever goes on sale, I might just force myself to click 'Add to Cart'.
Really, American Girl Dolls are really the only dolls I like! Besides some Barbies! I am obsessed with these girls.
Defiantly will ask for one for Christmas!
And here is one of my favorite outfits... Just the thing is, these are just waaay over my budget.
You think American Girl prices are crazy!
I'd probably just have to make my own version of this, or get it for a good price on eBay or maybe get some handmade outfits off of Etsy!

What do you think of these gorgeous dolls?


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