Here is it!!! The music is by Kevin Macleoud :)
    This was so hard because the wind was verystrong, and shifted her and pushed her down oh so many times!
And did you notice, Kirsten has been finally changed after three years! Yup! She's never been changed 'til now!



04/28/2012 3:44pm

Really cool! Check AGFan for my response!

05/02/2012 5:10pm

I got email finally! I am so happy now that I have it, hotmail is a pretty cool program. Do you like Tangled? I love it!

06/20/2012 9:25am

Do you mean you have never changed her clothes or what?!
I never changed my doll Addy's clothes for two years!
But that's because I had no choice! I had NO extra doll clothing!
Now I do thought ;)
~~~ Emma :)

06/20/2012 11:11am

Nope, I had doll clothing, but I decided that I felt I didn't really play with her if I hadn't had her dressed in 'modern' clothing, so I finally did, and love it so much! :)


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