Hi everybody :)
First of all, I did a really bad AGSM (American Girl Stop motion) and it's pretty bad, but it's one minute and eleven seconds long, and I was wondering if you guys would like to see it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't upload it anyway Lol :P

And also... I have a Feis (Irish dance competition) tomorrow, and we're driving to Chicago soon, so I will not be doing post or approving comments, but I'll be back late tomorrow :)
I decided at this Feis not to do Treble Reel or Garden of Daisies, so that will get me home a tad quicker hah:)

So I'm going to get packed, and I'll see you guys late Monday or Tuesday!

What are your guy's plans for memorial day? Are you going to a picnic?
Have an awesome Memorial day!
PS: Me and my sister (aeldancesing23 on YouTube) made dog cookies yesterday, in honor of our dog's homecoming!
They're Apple and Blueberry, and we got fun dog related cookie cutters at our local pet store, so the cookies are just awesome! My dog is crazy for them! Yesterday, he sat in front of the counter where they were and cried forever! Then I moved them into the microwave and he just lied down, and stared at the microwave! Hah :)

And me and my sister have made dog cookies before... Before we made oatmeal and soybutter dog cookies! (I'm allergic to peanuts)

Here it is! Once again, I am not on my computer, and do not have GIMP so I apologize for that.
And also, yesterday, just for fun, I made a blogspot site: misscpfreaksdolls.blogspot.com
Just for fun though :) I don't think I'll use it.

You have most likely heard, but since about 2009, there has been a rumor that Molly and Emily are going to retire just because they are old, but today I emailed AG, and got amazing news!

This is what I emailed them:

Can you pleaseee, retire Addy?!? Everybody I ask HATES her (I
HATE her too!) and says she's creepy, and hate her face mold and don't
want her in their room! Don't you want girls to benefit from dolls, not
get freaked out?! Only one person I know likes her, not loves her. And I
have asked a lottaaaaa people! Could you pleaassseee retire her? It
would make my day and so many others! And don't retire Molly and Emily
by the way... There is sooo many rumors about that if you don't already
know. The rumor has been around since 2009 but I'm like, "If the rumors
were true, don't ya think it would've already happened?" lol :P

And what they replied:

Dear American Girl friend,

We are sorry to learn how much you and your friends dislike Addy.

While we cannot share what our specific future business plans will be,
we can assure you that our historical characters are at the heart of the
American Girl brand and we will continue adding more characters and time
periods to this popular line.  Please understand it takes approximately
three to four years for us to develop a historical character to ensure
the books and products are historically accurate and culturally
authentic.  At this time we have no plans to retire Addy, Molly, or


American Girl Customer Service

Amazing! Addy nor Molly and Emily are most likely not going to retire. But, I emailed them in the past, and I asked who will retire, and they said they could pass no information. But they just did!  I think this is pretty interesting. I don't know, before Rebecca was out, and before they showed pictures and such, they showed me a full picture of Rebecca so sometimes I think they get some, well... Interesting employees XD

I don't know, what do you think? Do you still think the rumors are true?

Yes, if your wondering, I did edit it with PicMonkey, although I normally use GIMP, which is an amazing picture editor, but the computer I am on right now doesn't have GIMP, but next week I'll see if I can get GIMP up on my computer, which I am not currently using.

Happy guessing! I think this might be easy... But ya never know with you smarty pants!