I didn't really have anything better to really post on her, besides Kirsten's Sunny Spring Photoshoot, which you can check out, so, since it's rainy, I took some pics of my wrist with the splint on it :)
Here it is, aren't I rocking in style or what?! Lol
This is the bran... Futuro Sport :)
And here it is from the back! :) My shirt just goes there by it's own by the way, it can't go over the splint :)
And this is what my dog, Boone, thinks of it! Sorry the photo is blurry, he was attacking me :P
So that's it! Wonder how I did it? I was messing around with my sister, and I was going in a circle, and I fell over my own feet, and caught myself with my wrist.

Got a story of maybe, breaking your arm, spraining your wrist, spraining your ankle, etc... Tell me! :)

Here is it!!! The music is by Kevin Macleoud :)
    This was so hard because the wind was verystrong, and shifted her and pushed her down oh so many times!
And did you notice, Kirsten has been finally changed after three years! Yup! She's never been changed 'til now!

I am so sorry for not approving comments and stuff, I haven't checked Weebly in... Well, forever, until today when it dawned on me that people were probably yelling at me for not approving comments and such.

So I checked. And I am so sorry... Especially you, Meg. It's not that I don't love you, in fact, I love everybody that comes on here, excluding spammers, I just kinda stayed off the computer a bit... And swimming in homework.

I love you all, and Meg, hi :)
Tomorrow is the last day to enter my collab!
If you have a YouTube, or can get a YouTube, totally recommend it, we have weekly themes and it will be so much fun! :)
Please enter by tomorrow, aka April 15th.

If you can enter great. If you can't, I'm expanding the due date :P

Hello, everybody!
You might find the title a little confusing... Or not... Doesn't matter, but I might get a new doll outfit soon!
Or something else ;)
And I need your help! I just can't pick! They're all too cool!
This is the Petals & Posies outfit, which is a new release from American Girl.
It is $28 dollars, which to me is a fairly good price considering American Girl's price craziness lately!
Here is McKenna Brooks in her School outfit, which is also $28 dollars.
Doesn't she look too cute?! I think Kirsten would look nice in this!
I actually forget that I have her a lot. Haha, you guys probably think I'm stupid now.
Here is the Basketball outfit which is $34 dollars.
I have been in basketball for 2 years and when I first saw this I needed it!
Ha, I have wanted this from when it first came out.

This is the Great Outdoors Tent which is $75 dollars.
I think this is really cute and very realistic!
Here is Marie-Grace's Limited Addition Summer outfit which is $36 dollars.
It is a limited addition item, and I do plan on getting her sometime, so I might have to!
Here is the Pretty & Plaid outfit which is $30 dollars.
I think this is very cute, but not sure if this is what I want.
Here is the Ruffled Hoodie outfit which is $30 dollars as well.
I think this is super cute, and would be great for any season!
 Here is the Tankini and Sarong which is $28 dollars.
I think this is very cute, but not sure if I want it cause I think I could make this!
Here is the Sports Top and Brief set.
This is hilarious! Isn't it?! It is $10 dollars.
Here is the Beach Sunglasses.
I think this is so cute, and it is $8 dollars.
Here is the Go Girl sunglasses which is also $8 dollars.
I think this is super cute also!

And that is it. I am getting at least one of these, and when I get one of them, I'll defiantly do a post!
So, which one do you think I should get? It can be any of these or something else you think my dolls would look cute in!

Before I go to my Grandma's, which is a three hour drive, I need to tell you all something...
First of all, I am SO sorry for not posting. I've been super busy with dance and getting ready for Easter!

So I need to warn you guys... I will only be able to approve comments off of my HP Touchpad.
Sorry! It's hard to post off of a touchscreen.

But I'll bring me and my sister's camera, and I'll take pictures and share them with you after Easter cause my Grandma doesn't have a computer.

I'll be back late of Easter Sunday. And my dog's birthday and my Youtube's anniversary is on Monday which is really awesome. And I will be back with a one year YouTube Anniversary post and a little Easter post ;)

Thanks for understanding,