MissCpFreaks here, and today I went outside with my rabbit and my favorite Barbie doll, Anna!
We had tons of fun ;)

Anna just walked outside.
She knew today was going to be fun!
Then, Bumper walked bye.
"Hello, Bumper!" Anna called outside.
Bumper decided to go say hello, too.
"Let's have some fun!" Anna said.
Anna decided to check the weather outside.
"A bit rainy, but it will do!" Anna said.
"Hey, I can't see!" Bumper said.
"Come on!" Anna said.
"Ooh, it's pretty up here!" Anna said.
Anna was a little scared when she saw a bee hive in the same tree she was sitting in.
But she remember it must've froze this winter!
Then she waited for birds by the bird feeder.
"Oh, Birdies!!" Anna called.
And then, after a long day of play, Anna decided to rest. She had LOADS of fun though! ;)

So that raps up my first photo story! And I don't like Barbie's as much as I do with AG dolls, BUT, you'll see my Barbie's once in a great while ;)



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