You have most likely heard, but since about 2009, there has been a rumor that Molly and Emily are going to retire just because they are old, but today I emailed AG, and got amazing news!

This is what I emailed them:

Can you pleaseee, retire Addy?!? Everybody I ask HATES her (I
HATE her too!) and says she's creepy, and hate her face mold and don't
want her in their room! Don't you want girls to benefit from dolls, not
get freaked out?! Only one person I know likes her, not loves her. And I
have asked a lottaaaaa people! Could you pleaassseee retire her? It
would make my day and so many others! And don't retire Molly and Emily
by the way... There is sooo many rumors about that if you don't already
know. The rumor has been around since 2009 but I'm like, "If the rumors
were true, don't ya think it would've already happened?" lol :P

And what they replied:

Dear American Girl friend,

We are sorry to learn how much you and your friends dislike Addy.

While we cannot share what our specific future business plans will be,
we can assure you that our historical characters are at the heart of the
American Girl brand and we will continue adding more characters and time
periods to this popular line.  Please understand it takes approximately
three to four years for us to develop a historical character to ensure
the books and products are historically accurate and culturally
authentic.  At this time we have no plans to retire Addy, Molly, or


American Girl Customer Service

Amazing! Addy nor Molly and Emily are most likely not going to retire. But, I emailed them in the past, and I asked who will retire, and they said they could pass no information. But they just did!  I think this is pretty interesting. I don't know, before Rebecca was out, and before they showed pictures and such, they showed me a full picture of Rebecca so sometimes I think they get some, well... Interesting employees XD

I don't know, what do you think? Do you still think the rumors are true?



05/06/2012 5:32am

Oh my gosh that is amazing! YOU REALLY GOT LUCKY!! I guess it is okay Addy isn't going, and I am so glad Molly and Emily aren't. Thanks for sharing!

05/06/2012 7:42am

I know, I was kinda hoping for Addy to retire, but soooo happy Molly and Emily aren't at this time anyways!
Now I'm wondering if that employee who shared that got fired for telling me that. Probably not. I don't know :P
Now for some reason I think Kit and Ruthie are retiring... I don't know why... I think it's some sense type thing...

05/06/2012 9:02am

Email em! If it is the same employee he/she might tell you!

05/06/2012 9:44am

I'm gonna try that later today :D

05/07/2012 9:14am

How did it go? Any more interesting employee emails?

05/10/2012 10:01am

Hey what r you up 2?

05/10/2012 8:13pm

Sorry for not emailing them yet, I've been SOOOO busy with homework and we've had so many Rhapsody practices, which is for dance, and it's been every single day of the week, so I really haven't got time on here yet :P Tomorrow is by the way the last practice, and the performance is one Saturday, so after that I will defiantly be on here more :D

05/11/2012 5:53am

Oh, I get it. I go to ballet 4 times a week. I had a total breakdown last night because of being at ballet so much. My performance is in a week and i haven't been able to cope.

05/12/2012 8:07am

Oh that's cool that you do ballet! I'm watching my sister get her wig on. Oh, great, gotta get my bundies on and a wig on soon, talk to you tomorrow...?

05/13/2012 9:41am

AWWW, now the performance is over, and I'm sooo tired... I got up at 11:00! Crazy, right? I wanted to make a stop motion for Mother's Day for my mom, but I might be too tired, lol :P
My dad filmed two out of four performances at the later show, cause we had one earlier, too, so I might get to upload them to YouTube! He would've filmed the others ones, too, and he thought he did, but he didn't so I had to tell my mom how to show him how, lol! He didn't get it focused too well, but he hardly ever films anyway.
You know what was funny though? And serious? Well, I had just done Treble Reel to Pon Due Replay, and I had to get out of a polo shirt and a skort, cause that is what we have to dance to for fun numbers, so I got into my Solo Dress, which took forever, cause the lady unzipping me didn't quite know what she was doing, so that took a bit, then I had to put my shoes on, and those were all messed up! So my team partner last year, Meg, her mom fixed up my shoe, and by the time I got to the stage, they were just dancing on! There was also, Emma, who missed her turn to dance as well. But I got sneaky when they were going to get into circles into sevens, and slid in from the side, and nobody noticed, besides the people next to me! Haha! My mom was scared though, cause she was telling me later, "I was scared! I was like, 'Something must've happened, I gotta go back there!" and then apparently she saw me, so no biggy hehe :)

05/12/2012 9:50am

You know, I actually like Addy a lot! I'd rather have Molly and Emily retire because I don't really like them. That's just my opinion.

05/13/2012 9:31am

Jess, we all have dolls we like and dislike, and I actually used to reaaaly like Addy! But something kinda changed in me on her on Christmas, 2010. And I sent that because my friends didn't like her. Everybody I know.

And plus, I'm actually a big fan of Addy's items! Especially her ice cream set! ;)

05/13/2012 11:24am

Hey, I just don't think AG did their usual best with Addy. But they made up for it with Cecile. she is really pretty!

05/13/2012 1:17pm

I defiantly agree with you on that Meg! That meet outfit doesn't do her justice, nor the accessories, not even her books! I like the ice cream set, and the blue dress, and thats it...
Cecile is so gorgeous though! I want her sooo bad!

05/14/2012 11:29am

I am beginning to want her too!

05/16/2012 5:10am

MissCpFreaks, work your magic on American Girl and find out what time period Caroline is from! Thanks.

05/16/2012 5:42pm

Just tried! I wonder what they will tell me... I will just have to wait and see!

05/17/2012 10:16am

Go to American Girl Fan right now. You must see something!

05/21/2012 4:33pm

Where have u been lately?

05/21/2012 9:28pm

Not anywhere much... Grocery store, church, dance, Target, Michaels, and thats it :)
And I saw your pics of McKenna! I really wanna get her! She's pretty! You did a really good review, by the way :) Better than anything I could've done!

And guess what me and my sister (and the help of my dog) did today?! We baked dog cookies! 36 in total :) My dog loves them, and we're gonna give them to my friend to give to her dog tomorrow!

05/23/2012 3:18pm

Great! I had my dance recital Saturday. Owee afterward!

05/25/2012 5:16pm

That's cool! I have a dance competition on memorial day. I hope I do well :)

05/26/2012 5:53am

Me too. My dance recital was fuuuuunnnn! I am ready for another one of your awesome posts!

05/27/2012 6:13am

That's good to hear :) I love dance so much!!! It's so fun!
And I have a new post, but I have to say, it isn't very awesome Lol!

06/12/2012 7:38am

I agree with Jess, I really like Addy too. Molly and Emily aren't my favorite, but they are an important time period. Actually, Addy is an important time period too, and I am glad they aren't planning on retiring her any time soon. Of the historical dolls right now (that aren't retired) she is my 2nd favorite.

06/13/2012 7:26am


06/13/2012 8:12am

Misscpfreaks is my sister.. I know she would never try to start a fight about dolls. She is just saying her opinion, which isn't you guys, please don't be rude either.


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