So AGTriviaMaster is asking her followers to do something called fast tag!
Here's mine:
1. Your Name: Misscpfreaks
2. Least Favorite Color: red
3. Favorite Food: potato
4. Favorite TV Show: the voice
5. Favorite Song: mr know it all
6. Favorite Room In Your House: Sun Room
7. Least Favorite Gum Flavor: Dunnno
8. Favorite Painter: Dunno!
9. Favorite Book: Because of Winn Dixie
10. Favorite Book Series: Dunno
11. Type Of Computer: PC
12: Favorite Font: Cursive? I dunno
13. Favorite Gum Flavor: Spearmint
14. AG Stores You've Been To: Minneapolis
15. Hunger Games or Twilight: nither
16. Ice Cream or Sorbet: ice cream
17. Favorite Type of AG Blog Contest: giveaway
18. Favorite Cuisine: dunno
19. Favorite Soda: pepsi
20. Favorite Dessert: pie
21: Hair Length: longer
22. Favorite AG Movie: felicity
23. Hamster Or Guinea Pig: both
24. Cotton Candy Or Fruit Bars: cotton candy
25. How Long It Took You To Do This: 2 minutes and 11 seconds!

Yay, and thanks to my sister, Aeldancesing23 from aeldancesing23.weebly.com for timing me!

PS: Might have my llama for 4-H I got assigned with this year, Diesel, in my next post tomorrow! :D


04/01/2012 5:25am

You won! Check my site for more info!


04/21/2012 11:48am

Hey, I guess I'll ask again, where are you? Have you been punished from the internet or something? I miss my internet BFF!


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